Non-Fossil Fuel Websites

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Renewable Energy Tax Credits
Energy Incentives
Green Energy Jobs
Environmentally-Friendly Degrees and Job Options
Going Green at School
200 Items that can be recycled
50+ Go Green Initiatives


Alteris Renewables
Alternative Energy News
Alternative Energy Store
American Hydrogen Asso
American Solar Energy
American Wind Energy
Andritz Hydro
APPrO (Canada)
BC Hydro
BECC Conference
Big Frog Mountain
BioPower Systems
BOT - SeaHorse
Build a Solar Generator
CA Energy Archive
CA Energy Commission
Catalyst Wave Power
Clean Energy Jobs
Clean Tech Boston
Daily Green
Dam Performance
Dept of Energy - Geothermal
Elemental Energy
Energy Blog - Wave Power
Energy Conservation for Kids
Energy Resources Waves
Energy Use
Environment News
EPRI Report (wave energy)
Evergreen Solar
Flibe Energy
Fuel Cells
FWEE Hydro-Power
Geothermal Heating
Go Solar (CA)
Green Home Guide
Green Home Resource Guide
Home Power Magazine
Hydroelectric Power
Hydrogen Energy LINKS
Insight vs Prius
ISO New England
National Wind Technology
Natural Energy Laboratory
New England GreenStart
Northeast Alternative Energy
Northeast Power Delivery
Northwest Power
Northwest Project
NREL Technology Transfer
Nuclear Energy - How Bad?
Ocean Power Delivery
Ocean Renewable Power
Ocean thermal energy
Ocean Wave Energy Co
Planet Ark
Practical Environmentalist
PV Watt Calc (Solar Savings)
Renewable Energy Holdings
Renewable Energy
Scottish Power Renewables
Sea Wave Power Plants
SMU Geothermal
Southern Alliance
Sustainability Reporting
TechXplore (MSR)
The Next Wave news
Treehugger Wave Power
Wave Dragon
Wave Energy - Gizmodo
Wave Energy JAMSTEC
Wave power - Wikipedia
Wave Research Laboratory
Wave Star Energy
Ways to Use Ocean Energy
Wind Coordinating Comm
Wind power - Wikipedia
Your Take on Home Power Generation


Solar Energy
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Solar Energy Is the Future; You Can’t Stop It
Free Solar Power Calculator
Harness The Power Of The Sun: The Complete Guide To Using Solar Energy
Planning a Home Solar Electric System
Adding Solar Panels to Your Home
How to Make Any Home Appliance Into a Solar Electric Hybrid
Solar Water Heater: Costs, Tips and Advice
How to Build a Solar Power Generator
Solar Swimming Pool Covers and Reels
Solar Basics for Kids