Week of August 20th, 2019 and Beyond

Every Thursday 8:30-11:30pm it's Dave Sag's Blues Party!
Live Music at the Rhumbline in Gloucester

Dave says:

Tuesday at the Mayflower! it's the Big Bang Rhythm Zeroes and Heroes! Apparently our horn guys are leaving town leavind town due to their in credible popularity and that extra $5, so we've puttied in Mr. Dave Moore (on drummms) to pistonize the proceedings. Lo and behold Zach and I will be there, teaching John Persson (on trumpet) the ropes that i use to hang myself. Swing in the breeze with us. I promise to tell more jokes than usual. No specials this week. My brain is sauteed to death. hours 630 to 930. downtown Ipswich.

Thursday at Fred's Palace on Railroad Ave: Bobby Davis aka Johnny Carwash! Our own guitar klepto is ready to amuse and defuse his cheering fans by dragging in one of the finest guitarists in the world: Bobby Keyes! This guy, a major dude in the recording (and performing) world will melt your earwax. Maybe even your brain. I mean it. In the old days, Bobby used to join us, but had to leave due to contractual and other mental issues…mine! Now we got him back! Dave Mattacks will do the breast-beating and Bob's son Josh will be gargling some toons in the middle of the evening. Don't miss it!

Salties off till September, but I will be joining The band at Danvers Senior Center Thursday afternoon from 1 to 3.


Here's the August lineup at Dave Sag's Blues Party every thursday at the Rhumb Line:

Aug. 22 Johnny Carwash aka Bob Davis
Aug. 29 Evan Goodrow

Rhumbline website
40 Railroad Ave.
Gloucester, MA 01930

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