Week of Tuesday, August 7th, 2018

Every Thursday 8:30-11:30pm it's Dave Sag's Blues Party!
Live Music at the Rhumbline in Gloucester

Dave says:

C'mon down to the Mayflower Tuesday night for the greatest in live/unrehearsed jazz and blues only a mother could love. Despite being lauded as the best Asian Restaurant in Ipsquitch, they've still got to deal with us, the zzaJ mirror of love. Featuring Mr. Marque Earley on transcription , Mr. Thom Palance, on balance, Zack gorrell on keynotes, and me, on pharmaceuticals. Try their Way Too Yung, only available on weeknights in the summer. Banzai!

Thursday at the Rhummie: Ms. Lisa Marie, noted uvula waggler, wiggles her way into town for another rip-roaring evening of fun and indigestion, capped off with many bad jokes; bromides of the finest renditions of any song you ever heard, and other things yet unhealed. I'm lost but I'm making good time. Mr Johnny Juxo, whiz of many things musical and The Briggs and Stratton of R&B, will be tinkling the ivories and adding his two cents to everything, turning the entire evening into a crimewave of blues. Bring your library card and rosary! 830 to 1130

Sunday!! In Newton, again, nuff said. O'Rielly's again. But you won't come cuz you're too busy pulling ticks offa your legs. Or busy experimenting with Wildroot Creme Oil® or Mantan™with your insignificant other.

Monday!: Salts back after a grueling month of July. New choppers make the embouchure happen. See for yourself. Come early for the best seating! 1 to3. RBSC


Note: Don't look for me (Dave) on Wastebook anymore: I deleted my account. What a scam. I don't need to see pix of your cat vomiting mice parts. Besides, nobody looks for anything necessary. I never get enough hits to warrant all those adult diaper ads.

Thank you!

Rhumbline website
40 Railroad Ave.
Gloucester, MA 01930