Week of February 11th 2019 and Beyond

Every Thursday 8:30-11:30pm it's Dave Sag's Blues Party!
Live Music at the Rhumbline in Gloucester

Dave says:

Mebbe snow Tuesday (Feb. 12th), but if not, why not weave your way over to Ipsquitch, home of the brave and catch a set of the Jazz Symptoms, featuring Marque Earley, newly returned from the annual Blooze Crooze Love Boat in Florida. Fecund and tanned, He'll surely put you in the mood for jumping overboard. Zak's back, too, and Thom Palance, master of cajon seasoning as well as cornet. I was so friggin' sick last week, Marque showed the kid at Zumi's my picture, and he gave Marque a free cup of coffee. Try their Great Leap Forward Frog Legs. 630 to 930

You're in luck! Thursday at the House of Phred, Marque returns to join everybody's favorite frontman: Mr. John Keegan®, for another great night of rhythm and soul. Longtime leader of Madhouse, He's singin' ….and I've been hearing these songs in my head for over 30 years. And He and it never gets old, despite our green livers. There's always surprises and we even take requests, especially for liquid refreshment. Brian Alex, President of Entrain™ provides snaky guitar…and Benny Benson , the handsomest Irishman plays drums. Quite a band. Be there…you have no excuse.!

Salties off till March. With a successful launch of the New Improved Saltines© we're at it again with new members, old members and a few stragglers. Now, how do I read this music….?


Here's next listings for Dave Sag's Blooze Party:

Feb 14 John Keegan
Feb 21 Mike O'Connell with Vernon Dent and Dave Brown
Feb 28 Steve Sadler

Mar  7 Chris Stovall Brown
Mar 14 tba
Mar 21 Cheryl Arena
Mar 28 Dennis Brennan

Apr  4 Sax Gordon

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