Week of October 15th, 2019 and Beyond

Every Thursday 8:30-11:30pm it's Dave Sag's Blues Party!
Live Music at the Rhumbline in Gloucester

Dave says:

Tuesday at the Mayflower: The D.A..R. jazz band, featuring …me. HaHa, Mark, Tom and Zach, too. All the usual restrictions apply. Good food, booze and music. Try the freshwater Bass ale.

Thursday, The return of Danielle Miraglia! Been awhile since the divine miss M has graced our stage. Hopefully, my arthritis won't be as bad as last week. My knuckles hurt! with Blob Enik, on gootar and Edd Scheer, on drumms. We'll tear your tonsils out!

Salties back on Monday Oct.21 for the finest in prehistoric jazz. that's at the RBSC at 1 pm. Bring your own ibuprofen.

Rhumbline website
40 Railroad Ave.
Gloucester, MA 01930

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