Week of Thursday, October 18th, 2018 and Beyond

Every Thursday 8:30-11:30pm it's Dave Sag's Blues Party!
Live Music at the Rhumbline in Gloucester

Dave says:

Don't forget about the weekly romp thru blue jazz at the Kowtow Room at the Mayflower Asiatic Restaurant and State Lottery Outlet. Located in nearby Ipswich Ma., Tuesday's lineup includes the formidable Marquee Marque Earley on saxes and vocals, Zackattack Gorrell, on keys, the fabulous John Perrsson, on Sackbut, and thee, on bass. 630-930. Try this week's special: Seppuku Swordfish, served on it's own red carpet.

Thursday! At thr Rhumbline! I'm so happy to have the unconceivable Evan Goodrow show up on his beam of light to entertain you and others under your command. He's dragging in his longtime drummmbler, Steve Langone who knows what's goin' on. I'll be on bass, trying to keep up with the young whippersnappers. Let's dance! 830-1130.

Salties off for a few weeks while we get our velcro- strap sneakers re-chromed. Should be back in November.


Future listings for Dave Sag's Blooze Party on Thursdays:

Oct. 18 - Evan Goodrow
Oct. 25 - Johnny Keegan, Brian Alex, Benny Benson

Nov.  1 - Matt Stubbs, Pat Faherty, Chris Anzelone
Nov. 15 - Toni Lynn Washington, Mike Williams, Steve Bankuti
Nov. 22 - Off for Thanksgiving!
Nov. 29 - Chris Stovall Brown, Mike Clarke

Dec.  6 - JB Amero, Dave Brown, Dave Mattacks
Dec. 13 - Brian Templeton, Billy Loosigian, David Mattacks
Dec. 20 - Sax Gordon Beadle, Ed Scheer
Dec. 27 - Dennis Brennan, Steve Sadler

Rhumbline website
40 Railroad Ave.
Gloucester, MA 01930

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