November - December 2017

Every Thursday 8:30-11:30pm it's Dave Sag's Blues Party!
Live Music at the Rhumbline in Gloucester

Week of Nov. T-day

It's Turkey Time! So, to prep, let's all meet down by the riverside in Ipswich Tuesday night. At the Mayflower Chinese Bar&Grille you can hear the clinically-proven Mr. Orville Giddings spout off on all subjects musical. Backed up by the protophonic Mr.John Hicks, and Dave Sag, gonna be a lot of teen angst going on. Try this week's special: Cho Kon It, reheated to golden perfection by their secret Asian man: Mr. Lance Boyle. 630 to 930.

Wednesday night, I'll be joining Mr. Mike O'Connell for some groovey fun at K-K-Katrina's in downtown Gloucester real near where the phone booths used to be: by Ryan's gas station, onna corner, long gone. But I miss the shit show of all the junkies sitting on the benches, scratchin' their faces and trying to look normal, waiting for their man, as the whole town drove by. It's different now: the booths and benches are gone and the junkies all live home with Mommy. So much for nostalgia! But we're still here playin' with Mr. billyclub Loosigian and Mr. Dave Moore. 9 to 12 Traditionally, Wednesday before Thanksgiving is the hottest night in town, so get up and get out!

Rhumb Line closed for Thursday. Enjoy your holiday!

Schedule of players:

Nov. 30 Chris "Stovall" Brown and Ephraim Lowell
Dec.  7 Mario Perrett and Ed Scheer
Dec. 14 Brian Templeton, Dave Mattacks and Billy Loosigian
Dec. 21 Sax Gordon, Ricky "King" Russell and Ed scheer
Dec. 28 Dennis Brennan, Steve Sadler and Chris Rivelli



Rhumbline website
40 Railroad Ave.
Gloucester, MA 01930

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