About Stanslist

Hi, my name is Stan and this is my list.

Here's the scoop...

Back in 2005, before facebook, google maps and mobile internet became popular and before most of us ever heard of derivatives, some of my Music lovin' friends and myself were always trying to find venues that had live Music. First we would check out the venues that had calendars on the web. Nancy (aka Adventure Girl) and Loretta, each made their own list of where to go that night. Their lists were always very similiar and that gave me the idea. I registered the domain - Stanslist.com and proceeded to learn the ins and outs of the world wide interweb, to make a list for everyone.

My goal has been to make it easy for Music lovers to find live Music. I look back at my first site with all the cute motion gifs (some used here) and realize that the goal of Stanslist has not changed.

Back then I would scour the web for live Music and even call venues that I knew had bands. I'd make and put up a calendar for those venues. I put up monthly calendars on Stanslist for most of the popular live Music venues from Somerville to Gloucester. It became a live Music lovers information haven. One stop shopping as it were. At one point I even tried to set up a way the venues could list themselves each month on Stanslist, but soon realized that that was nearly impossible for a complete live Music schedule. So I went back to posting their schedules in one place... Stanslist.

Even with all the calendars on Stanslist, many Music followers asked me to make a list of all the live Music for just that week. People wanted to know where to go North of Boston... "this weekend" without having to comb through all the calendars. But, I didn't have the time to compile that list. After a while I found it too time consuming to even make calendars for the venues, so I stopped making calendars and just listed the days and dates that live Music played at each venue with a link to their website if they had one.

I've also been asked why Stanslist has a dark background. Instead of changing the look to something more modern, I deliberately chose to keep it dark because it is easier to read on your 'puter, phone, tablet, phablet or pad at a venue, theatre or at night without disturbing others with a bright screen.


Today, Stanslist lists all the venues that have or had live Music and a direct link to their website, with notes as to when they usually have live Music. Stanlist also provides their address and phone number so that you can map, GPS and call a venue.

To get a complete list of live Music all you have to do is go to each and every venues' site and check out their calendar to find out who's playing, next go through your facebook friends and events, your myspace events, your reverbnation events, your tweets, then check your emails from bands, venues and friends, and you'd have a great list of what's happening North of Boston.

Along comes Linda, my friend and partner. She spent up to 10 hours a week compiling that great list - Linda's List.

Linda's List as it had become known provided North of Boston Music lovers with a comprehensive list of all the venues that have LIVE MUSIC. Unbiased and complete; Nobody did it better! Thank you Linda!

Linda's List was set up to be printable and also easily viewable on smartphones. See: Linda's List pdf. If you had a gig not listed - you'd just email Linda. She would always list your North Shore gig if you emailed her directly.

Linda is currently taking a break. Her list took a lot of time to compile and she did not get any compensation for her efforts. Please let her know that you miss her list. Any and all recognition and appreciation of her fine work would be welcome.

The list of live Music on Linda's List was set up by date and then in alphabetical order by city. The list of cities on Stanslist are in no particular order. When I began Stanslist I started in Gloucster and worked my way out from there. Now, if you want to find live Music you can still scroll down, starting in different North Shore cities, but you can also search for a specific venue or city using the custom search boxes. One for all the venues on the North Shore and another with all the cities on the North Shore.


My goal hasn't changed, but the ease of using Stanslist has. Stanslist now works on many different platforms and in all modern browsers and smartphones. Convenience and functionality have also improved as I learn more about coding, and I'm still learning, so Stanslist will continue to evolve and improve.

Many more cities and venues have been added since this project began and more will be added as they become known to me. So if you know of a venue, send it along to me.

I hope you find my website useful. If you care to make a donation it will be appreciated.

Your comments and suggestions are always welcome.


See you where the Music plays! ™